(through 2023-24)

1Marshall, Willie1952-72201,205852
2Glover, Fred1948-68201,201814
3Nykoluk, Mike1956-72161,069686
4Tookey, Tim1980-9515824621
5Aucoin, Keith2001-1413769613
6O'Reilly, Cal2005-17954568
7Stratton, Art1955-7512669555
8Gage, Jody1979-96171,038544
9White, Peter1992-200512747533
10Sweeney, Bill1957-6912695510
11Haydar, Darren2002-1311780496
12Bourque, Chris2004-1913794495
13Wilson, Larry1951-6815899492
14Tynan, T.J.2013-11641491
15Horvath, Bronco1950-7013666484
16Boudreau, Bruce1979-9211634483
17Toppazzini, Zellio1948-6415785476
18Kilrea, Brian1959-6910622453
19Pidhirny, Harry1948-66171,071453
20Lamoureux, Mitch1982-9914802452
21Cline, Bruce1955-6813823452
22Drolet, Rene1962-7815840443
23Helmer, Bryan1993-2013191,117435
24Gordon, Jack1947-6114602434
25Creighton, Dave1948-6914800434
26Terry, Chris2007-14815430
27Thurier, Fred1937-5214642425
28Gamble, Dick1954-7014898424
29Biggs, Don1984-939615419
30Gilbert, Jeannot1964-739616419
31Hensick, T.J.2007-1912653416
32St. Pierre, Martin2004-139587415
33Greig, Mark1990-200310606412
34Eaves, Murray1982-959536409
35DeMarco, Ab1938-5210544409
36Krog, Jason1999-20119535408
37Darby, Craig1993-200610703402
38Mortson, Cleland1953-7413576400
39Douglas, Les1939-5211560395
40Anderson, Jimmy1954-7016943395
41Taylor, Chris1992-201111617393
42Locke, Corey2004-149639386
43Kraftcheck, Steve1949-6413839386
44Morin, Travis2007-1912691386
45Newbury, Kris2003-1714826383
46Bartlett, Jim1955-7316955382
47Griffith, Seth2013-11619382
48Attwell, Ron1954-7013719373
49Jarvis, Wes1979-909459366
50Kullman, Arnie1948-6012753366

Most Assists, Career – 852
Willie Marshall – Pittsburgh, Hershey, Rochester, Providence, Baltimore

Most Assists, Season – 89
George “Red” Sullivan, Hershey (1953-54)

Most Times Leading the League in Assists – 4
Art Stratton – 1962-63 (Buffalo), 1963-64 (Pittsburgh), 1964-65 (Buffalo), 1973-74 (Baltimore)
T.J. Tynan – 2018-19 (Chicago), 2021-22, 2022-23, 2023-24 (Ontario)

Most Assists by a Defenseman, Career – 435
Bryan Helmer – Albany, Worcester, Manitoba, Springfield, Grand Rapids, San Antonio, Hershey, Oklahoma City

Most Assists by a Defenseman, Season – 74
Chris Snell, St. John’s (1993-94)

Most Assists, Game – 9
Art Stratton, Buffalo (Mar. 17, 1963 vs. Pittsburgh)

Most Consecutive Games with an Assist – 17
Shaun Van Allen, Cape Breton (Oct. 11, 1992-Nov. 23, 1992 – 35a)
Peter White, Cape Breton (Oct. 19, 1993-Mar. 13, 1994 – 25a)